Suds Buds

Today I'm feeling nostalgic about all of my "Suds Buds".  It was a small cast who became family at the first read thru. I worked alongside Natalie Schreiber, Javia Selina, and Matt Briard who collaborated as a whole and made each other laugh. 

Our choreographer Leigh Richards Stewart allowed me to tap into my hidden talent for creating dance moves and Barb Brolly, one of the most patient and caring musical directors who always had a wild story to share with us.  And let us not forget about the wine and cheese breaks.  Director Don Briard who never harnessed in my wild and larger than life creation of 'Marge'. 

The show was not complete until the band joined in the fun consisting of Jeremy Hoffman, Skip Parker, Ed Fabian and Steven Taillefer.  What a ride!  Hope to do it again, someday soon.